Incavo designs and manufactures four separate but related product groups.

We understand successful products require excelling at all the critical elements of design & innovation, quality, price, time to-market, and support. Combining engineering innovation with advanced production management, Incavo can provide superior products and service.

Because Incavo designs and builds products across the test equipment and consumable spectrum and for multiple test IC test platforms, we have a clear understanding of the overall test process. Incavo's engineering staff supports both design and production, based on customer requirements.

Since most of our customers design, qualify, and use test products across a wide geographic area, Incavo has established offices and support centers in key locations throughout the USA and Asia. A typical flow would be a product such as our SPP test socket. Many customers have designed the socket into a program in the Silicon Valley and then proceeded to use the socket in production testing in China and Southeast Asia. Incavo supports the socket as it moves through development to production through local offices. In addition to design and manufacturing of test products, Incavo offers related engineering services. If you have any questions on any of the product groups or related areas, please contact us.