Incavo was founded by an international (USA, Japan, and China) group of engineering and sales professionals with decades of experience in IC testing and related industries. With the guiding principles of quality and cost effectiveness, Incavo established production facilities in China and Singapore, which employ Japanese manufacturing management systems.

Incavo responded to customer and industry demands and expanded its product line from test contacts and sockets to include thermal management and test systems. This expansion was based on organic growth and an understanding of each product and technology. Because various aspects of IC testing often interconnect, Incavo’s wide-ranging expertise is an asset in understanding how each component works within the test goals.

As part of our product and customer support, Incavo offers maintenance and engineering services for IC test products. We have experience in maintaining, repairing, and modifying products, ranging from mini probe pins to complete test systems (regardless if they are Incavo products). With sales and technical support offices throughout Asia and America, Incavo has the ability to support customers where they design in and where they use the products.